Higher speed canning line for craft brewers

Baltimore-based Heavy Seas Beer is the first craft brewer to purchase a higher-speed upgrade of a canning system first launched by Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) – a subsidiary of Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems – at a craft brewing show in the US last year.

Heavy Seas Beer will be the first to install PSA’s CB100 craft line, which made its debut in April, and comes after the launch of the CB50 canning line filler-seamer combo last year. The CB100 is capable of a variable speed range of 30 to 100cpm.

Breweries such as New Realm Brewing Company, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Market Garden Brewery and Port Orleans Brewing Co, are just some of the craft breweries that have already installed the CB50 to produce canned beer.

“If you’re looking to upgrade the technology and speed from your introductory canning line, or if you’re a larger brewery looking to enter into the canning market for the first time, this is the line you need,” says Adam Brandt, vice president of sales for PSA.

“Heavy Seas Beer is experiencing rapid growth for Loose Cannon and other Cannon Crew brands in cans, and we needed a solution that would provide greater speed and high quality,” says Dan Kopman, chief executive of Heavy Seas Beer.

The CB100 has many of the same features as the CB50, but for a high-speed canning line. The integrated 12-head hygienic inline filler, with proprietary flowmeter technology, is said to help brewers get a perfect fill with little waste. The CB100 gas flush systems help keep oxygen out of the beer, while PSA’s high-speed, double-seaming technology helps keep cans sealed tight.

The integrated system is optimised for a beverage can-height range of 2.13 inches to 8in.

More information from Pneumatic System Angelus, 4485 Allen Road Stow, Ohio 44224, USA. Tel: 01 330 923-0491 Website: www.psangelus.com