Hybrid system for SFX on monobloc cans

A hybrid cutting and brushing machine for monobloc aerosol can manufacture, which features both mechanical and optional laser cutting, has been developed by Swiss company PackSys Global.

The Zelos cutting and brushing machine enables users to choose between the two types of cutting, with changes from one system to the other achievable within minutes.

A compact machine, Zelos is equipped with vacuum mandrels and length adjustment ‘on the fly’ using a human-machine interface. A second brushing station and bottom forming are both optionally available. As an option, it is also possible to compensate for both bottom thickness and can temperature fluctuations, which occur during the start and stop of extrusion. In addition, the machine can accommodate unloading errors, thus eliminating downtime.

The machine is said to be easy for operators to use and operates at speeds of between 165 and 300 cpm. Knife exchange is carried out using a revolver system, which ensures there are no stops during production.

PackSys Global designs and manufactures complete lines for monobloc aerosol cans, aluminium tubes, laminate and extruded tubes, plastics beverage caps as well as offset decoration systems for aluminium and plastics screw caps.

More information from PackSys Global AG, Joweid Zentrum 1, 8630 Rüti, Switzerland. Tel: 41 55 253 37 00. Website: www.packsysglobal.com