Impress partners with ORG in China

April 27: Europe-based canmaker Impress Holdings is creating a foothold in China by signing a strategic co-operation agreement with rising Chinese canmaker ORG.
The agreement was announced at the Cannex 2007 trade show in Las Vegas today by Francis Labbé, chief executive of Impress, and ORG’s company president ZhouYunJie.
Under the terms of the agreement, ORG becomes a strategic partner for Impress in the Chinese market. ORG will sell the Impress range of valued-added products such as drawn decorated cans and peelable easy-open lids through its national sales force.
The agreement also provides for the future establishment of a joint venture between Impress and ORG for the production of value-added metal packaging in China. ORG is one of the leading national canmakers in China with sales of the order of 800 million RMB (US$104m). It has six factories covering all the major filling areas in China, from Beijing in the North, to Hainan Island in the south.
It produces cans for foods, juices and energy drinks such as Red Bull with sales growth of more than 20 percent a year.
“This is a major strategic opportunity for both companies,” said Labbé. “As the Chinese market for convenient, high quality packaging grows, the consumer will increasingly turn to the value-added products, such as printed two-piece cans and Easy Peel ends, which are Impress’ particular strength.
“We are very pleased to have joined forces to exploit this growth opportunity with ORG, which has established a strong reputation for quality and service with its customers, and has demonstrated a professional and dynamic approach to the market which is close to our own.”
ZhouYunJie added: “We are very happy to have the chance to work with the Impress group. We will have a very bright future. There is a very big market for value-added products in China.”