Intelligent UV-cured bottom rim system

The latest version of Heraeus Noblelight’s UV-cured bottom rim coating application system – which improves mobility on D&I beverage can lines – is Internet of Things capable.

Called the LightHammer 10 Mark III, the system uses real-time monitoring software in which up to 30 units can be analysed remotely through a local network, and send and store data in the cloud for easier global access and analysis.

Advanced sensor technology inside the lamp head along with a smart power supply enables the monitoring of component voltage and current, relative UV output, air pressure, air temperature, air humidity and bulb temperature, says John Clark, regional manager at Heraeus Noblelight America.

Dashboards showing the key operating parameters alert users to any warnings and faults in real-time. Users are said to be able to reduce downtime, compare operations across and within plants to improve maintenance practices, reduce operating costs and increase production rates as a result of monitoring and analysing their UV system data.

To complement its expertise in infrared systems, Heraeus Noblelight acquired Fusion UV six years ago.

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