INX helps metal decorators go back to school

Finalists from this year's Colored by INX Can Design Contest, organised by INX International Ink

INX International Ink, North America’s third-largest ink producer, is offering free online courses for canmakers and other metal decorating clients.

The classes are designed to help customers understand a variety of ink and colour-related topics and are delivered via the Schaumburg, Illinois-based company’s INX University eLearning platform.

“INX U really helps educate anyone involved in the design and production of metal packaging,” said INX colour perfection manager Sarah Jacks. “It covers topics ranging from the basics of ink and troubleshooting, to a wide variety of insight for colour management knowledge.”

Among the offerings are a two-piece metal decorating programme, which has seven colour and production courses. All courses are available in eight languages: two Spanish versions for Latin Americans and Spanish clients, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and English.

“Colour management is an important consideration since printers are now expected to provide their customers with consistent quality to meet exact specifications,” Jacks said. “That’s evolved on a global level in the last few years. It’s also why it was important for us to update our metal decorating troubleshooting app to be available in more languages as well.”

Because the courses are delivered online students can study at a time convenient to them and, when finished, they receive a completion certificate.

As well as North America, INX has operations in Europe and Latin America. A division of Japan’s Sakata INX worldwide, the company’s ink and coating solutions are used by commercial, packaging and digital customers.