Key Rutherford parts ready for delivery

The top 1,000 spare parts required for Rutherford coaters and decorators are available for delivery from Dutch company Rosario Can Technology.

Recently added to its portfolio is a ‘core assortment’ of spare parts, based on sales statistics to represent the parts most often required.

The range of parts accounts for around 70 percent of those needed to operate Rutherford equipment and are all available to be shipped immediately, says the company.

The parts are made to Stolle specifications but have been improved where possible, says Rosario.The company also supplies complete machines and components, as well as service and maintenance, and consumables including pin chains and inker washers.

Rosario Can Technology, Eindsestraat 129, PO Box 56, Dongen 5105, Netherlands. Tel: 31 135 792 600. Fax: 31 135 799 200.