Kosher wine gets a metal packaging debut with Bartenura

Jewish observers of a kosher diet can now buy canned wine that qualifies with the compliance requirements of the Orthodox Union in the US.

Bartenura’s sweet Moscato wine, which is made in Italy, is the first kosher wine to be made available in metal packaging. It is being sold around the world in four-packs of 250ml slim can format for US$15.

New Jersey-based Jewish food producer Royal Wine named the brand after 15th century Italian rabbi Ovadia ben Avraham of Bertinoro.

Canned wine has been at the forefront of a sea change in American drinking habits that has seen ready-to-drink beverages surge in popularity while beer consumption has dropped in the past few years. Researcher Nielsen said sales of canned wine in the US had grown 77 per cent last year amid surging demand for more convenient drinking options. Canmaker Ardagh cited Euromonitor data that suggests sales will reach 366 million units by 2022.

Canmakers are meeting that demand with new, smaller, packaging formats and with liners that can withstand the higher acidities than found in other canned beverages.

According to reports, Bartenura is not only the biggest-selling kosher wine, it also tops total sales of any Moscato wine. Its popularity among younger drinkers in the US has been boosted by the drinking preferences of the likes of rappers Drake and Lil’ Kim, according the US’ National Public Radio.