Labels designed for cold and damp craft beer canning

A new label for application to cold and damp substrates has been launched that is ideally suited for the labelling of cans of craft beer.

The Mactac Wet Strength Chill AT labels are said to improve wet strength in moist environments. They feature a 54# bright white facestock with a semi-gloss finish and built-in wet strength properties.

An all-temperature adhesive used on the facestock is claimed to offer higher contact-adhesion properties than other all-temperature adhesives. Chill AT is specially formulated for temperatures ranging from minus 55 to plus 66 deg C.

The labels are supported with a 2.4mm super-calendared Kraft liner that is said to be excellent for die-cutting, stripping and label dispensing.

“In food and beverage labelling, having a wet strength semi-gloss label construction is critical,” says said Sara Damante, senior marketing manager at US-based Mactac Performance Adhesives. “Combined with our popular Chill AT adhesive, which has a wide temperature range and is designed using Mactac’s proprietary hot-melt adhesive technology, this labelling solution is exactly what many converters and, ultimately, customers are looking for.

“Our Wet Strength Chill AT product is a game-changer for the food and beverage industry, especially the craft beer market. As Forbes recently reported, craft beer sales are growing although overall beer sales are slowing; therefore, breweries continue to look for ways to differentiate themselves.”

The semi-gloss finish on Wet Strength Chill AT labels is claimed to be ideal for fine print applications. The versatile labels can be printed using flexographic, letterpress and offset printing methods with thermal or UV-cured ink systems.

More information from Mactac North America, 4560 Darrow Road, Stow, Ohio 44224, USA. Tel: 1 330 688 1111. Website: