Larger food end from China aids with stackability

An end manufacturer in China has developed a new 155mm size to meet the specific needs of a canned tomato products customer.

The traditional size for this food end has been 153mm (603), but Fujian Xianhe Package Co, located south east coastal city of Zhangzhou, is producing the new size to enable cans to be stacked more easily.

Fujian Xianhe is manufacturing the new-size end in 0.24mm gauge tin-free steel, or tinplate as required, on automated presses at 72 items a minute.

A representative of Fujian Xianhe said: “The 153mm end is used for 1.5kg or 3kg cans of tomatoes. If they are seamed with the same 153mm both ends they fall over more easily when stacked. With the larger end they are better for stacking, and reducing the risk of falling and hitting people.”

The 155mm end is also being used in a similar way as luncheon meat brand Ma Ling, making the contents easier to remove in one piece.

Founded in 2010, Fujian Xianhe Package Co manufactures ends in a wide range of sizes also prints and coats tinplate for other canmakers.

It operates 20 end making lines with capacity to produce 3.5 billion items a year and processes 50,000 tonnes of tinplate.

Fujian Xianhe’s subsidiary Zhangzhou Minjia Trade Co trades in tinplate, easy-open ends, twist-off caps, beverage cans and food cans as a service to the canned food, beverage and dairy sectors.