Light-emitting diodes for quality

Increasing demand from consumers for the highest-quality products means that canmakers should be using machine vision systems based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to improve the performance of their production lines, suggests Amir Novini, chief executive of Applied Vision.

Applied Vision has set up its Imaging Sciences Group to design bespoke vision inspection systems, which make use of the entire spectrum of light to solve problems that sometimes cannot be detected by the naked eye. The systems are used to inspect the surfaces of coloured and monochrome objects for flaws and other defects.

Vision inspection systems can be combined with artificial intelligence using advanced computing power to improve the fault detection capabilities of canmakers and fillers while reducing the burden on line operators, says Novini. They are even capable of self-teaching what is acceptable and what is not depending on the aluminium canstock used, its grain structure and colour, he adds.

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