Special-edition canned beers for the World Cup score well with fans

The strong international interest in the FIFA World Cup and a spell of fine weather suggests that beer and beverage producers will be reporting record sales during the tournament. 

Over the past few days, Russia has been struggling to keep up with the demand for beer and some locations have already run out of stock. With an ongoing European heatwave and drought conditions in some countries, football fans have been reaching for cans and bottles in an attempt to cool down.

Belgian beer brand Jupiler, which is brewed by Anheuser-Busch InBev, has tapped into the euphoria of the World Cup, having changed its on-pack name to ‘Belgium’ in an effort to unite the country behind the Belgian national team.

As part of the ‘We Are Belgium’ campaign, special-edition cans have been printed, which retain the brand’s bull logo and its use of the colour red, unusually featuring the word Belgium on the cans instead of the usual brand name. The change has been promoted by an advertising campaign, developed by The Communication Company and including newspaper ads, events and a 60 second TV spot. Sales have been boosted further as the Belgium team moved forward on a winning streak.

International interest in the tournament has been highlighted by brewers such as Budweiser China which has launched a collection of limited edition World Cup aluminium bottles. The eight unique designs feature the national colours of some of the favourite football teams in China including England and France. The artwork features Budweiser’s bowtie logo design and aims to celebrate the brand’s global sponsorship of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It also taps into China’s passion for the event, which has been embraced by a nation that is not fielding a team in the competition.

On the soft drinks front, Coca-Cola has launched special-edition cans with designs that include images of players, team colours and numbers. Pepsi’s limited edition cans for part of a ‘Love it. Love it. Football’ campaign features images of top international players.