Llanllyr Source reintroduces water in cans

Welsh water and mixer brand Llanllyr Source has committed to a plastics-free future with the launch of still and sparkling water in single-serve 330ml cans. 

The cans, featuring a charcoal grey design for still water and a silver look for sparkling, will be distributed in recyclable cardboard boxes to ensure no plastic is used in the primary and secondary packaging. 

Llanllyr Source stopped producing plastics packaging in June and believes that all plastics will be out of distribution by the end of the year.  

The company first tried packaging water in cans back in 2009, but felt that the market was not quite ready. “Ten years ago, in 2009, we recognised that the two biggest issues in the beverage industry were recycling and the misuse of the earth’s natural resources,” said Patrick Gee, Llanllyr Source founder.

“Given that our water comes from a sustainable source, we pioneered water in cans to ensure we had recyclable packaging,” Gee explained. “However, ten years ago the market was not ready and the cans did not translate into sales so we had to remove them from retail.” 

Now that consumers are used to a wider range of beverages – including water – in cans, Llanllyr Source felt that the time was right to reintroduce metal packaging. “The re-introduction of cans and the removal of plastic bottles from our range is just the beginning of the next chapter for Source,” added Gee. “The time for change is now and as a brand we need to be more accountable and responsible. We are preparing for re-launch in 2020 and this will mark a significant step-change for us which will accelerate our aim to become the category leader for the responsible production and distribution of premium spring water products around the world.”