Low-capacity drinks canning needs met

German equipment supplier KHS has launched its Innopro Craft CIP Skid cleaning system and further developments to the Innofill Can C can filler to increase capacity. These are tailored to meet the needs of craft breweries and smaller beverage producers.

With the development of its Innopro Craft CIP Skid, KHS now offers a system for the supply of rinsing and cleaning media to its can, bottle or keg fillers.

“This CIP [cleaning-in-place] system is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the lowest capacity range,” says Rick Feuling, product manager for filling and process technology at KHS USA Inc.

The Innopro Craft CIP Skid has an automatic recipe-setting option. Around 230 litres of caustic a minute can be produced to sanitise system piping and fillers with a maximum of 60 valves. It also contains a fully automatic CIP media heating system, including chemicals dosing at the appropriate concentration. This shortens cleaning processes and is said to make them safer and simpler.

“With this effective and flexible system, beverage producers also save on resources such as water and energy during operation,” adds Feuling

Growing interest in the Innofill Can C can filler from the beer and carbonated soft drink markets has prompted KHS to engineer a new machine size with 27 filling valves and six seaming stations for the production of formats holding between 150ml and one litre. This boosts the filling capacity for 330ml cans, for instance, from 15,600 to 20,100 per hour.

“In addition to the growing number of craft brewers, medium-sized breweries are also asking for a cost-efficient variant for the medium-capacity range,” says Feuling.

More information from KHS GmbH, Juchostraße 20, 44143 Dortmund Germany. Tel: 49 231 569-0. Website: www.khs.com