Lug cap sealant meets content legislation

Spanish sealants specialist Actega Artística has introduced a water-based sealant for lug caps, designed to meet more stringent restrictions on certain plastics.
The European Commission updated its ‘Plastics Directive’ 2002/72/EC last year to limit the use of certain plasticisers, including epoxidised soybean oil (ESBO) and some phthalates, commonly used in PVC-based closure seals for metal twist-off caps for food applications.

As a result, the overall migration limit was lowered from 300 parts per million to 60ppm.In response to this, Artística developed Artiseal 6002, a water-borne sealant free from PVC and plasticisers.

The sealant is also sprayable at room temperature, suitable for hot filling, pasteurisation and sterilisation, compatible with different lacquers, and is said to offer good resealability.It was launched commercially at the end of 2009 at Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona, on jars of tuna filled by Jealsa Rianxeira. Artiseal 6002 is available in both Europe and the US.

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