Manufacturing execution system for Exal Corp

Aluminium aerosol can and bottle manufacturer Exal Corporation has chosen Lighthouse Systems to develop and implement a manufacturing execution system (MES) for the company’s US manufacturing operations in Youngstown, Ohio.

The Shopfloor-Online MES software provided by Lighthouse Systems enables ‘smart manufacturing’ through the digitisation of its canmaking processes and operations. Exal has been using statistical process control software from the UK-based company since 1996.

Stephen Carchedi, project manager at Exal, says: “Our continued partnership with Lighthouse Systems provides an unprecedented opportunity for us to continue to achieve excellence through the delivery of industry-leading value to our customers by aligning our most important resource, our people, with industry-leading processes and technology.

“Lighthouse Systems has been an integral partner to Exal for over 15 years, and we are excited to further develop our strategic partnership with their team.”

Joe Russoti, US business manager at Lighthouse Systems, adds: “Shopfloor-Online is a modular software, which lets customers expand the scope of functionality as their needs evolve. We are very pleased to see Exal joining our customers who have taken advantage of that flexibility.”

Shopfloor-Online is currently available in 15 languages and deployed in more than 50 countries.

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