A safe closing system for use in the filling of large pails has been increased in capacity by Huber Packaging.

Top Expand makes it possible to automatically close Huber’s tinplate containers – such as pails and hobbocks used for the packaging of hazardous materials – with a lever lock ring ergonomically.

This design eliminates the need to manually close the lock rings, which makes the process easier for operators, but also improves productivity.

Known for its 5-litre Party Kegs for beer, Germany-based family-owned Huber is a leading manufacturer in Europe of general line containers.

Top Expand, which is available to buy or lease, is suitable for Huber’s containers in capacities from 2.5 to 30 litres. Containers with lids and lever lock rings are available in three container sizes in Germany and four additional sizes at its plant in Aesch in Switzerland, all with UN approval for the worldwide shipping of dangerous goods.

A 3D video of the machine’s operation is available.

More information from Huber Packaging Group GmbH, Otto-Meister-Strasse 2, 74613 Oehringen, Germany. Tel.: 49 79 41 66-0. Fax: 49 79 41 66-302. Website: www.huber-packaging.com