More durable wicket oven uses less energy

A new design of wicket curing oven that is claimed to offer energy savings and lower maintenance requirements has been developed by Hebenstreit Metal Decorating GmbH (HMD) in Germany.

For curing the coatings or decoration on tinplate or TFS sheets, the oven traditionally uses wickets to support them using a guidance system during their passage through the curing process.

In the new design HMD uses connecting chains with synthetic rollers and side guidance. These are said to consume less electrical power, and require less lubrication, so there is reduced risk of contamination of the sheets. They are also said to have lower maintenance needs along with reduced noise.

The synthetic rollers are also said to be more durable and have longer life than metal-carbon versions, while a side benefit is that there is no contamination from carbon powder in the curing tunnel.

Already installed at a modern metal coating facility at Bangkok in Thailand, the
oven also uses a new type of wicket. These are made from tubular steel that is double chrome plated, are lighter, and are more stable than conventional wickets, reducing vibration.

More information from Hebenstreit Metal Decorating GmbH, Gottlieb Daimler Strasse 15/2, D-74385 Pleidelsheim, Germany. Tel: 49 (0) 7144 88980-11. Website: