More expansion proposed for Sunrise Group in China

An image from one of Sunrise Group's website pages

Further expansion is being planned by China’s Sunrise Group, formerly ShengXing Group, with investment in new canmaking and filling lines.

Sunrise, which recently revealed that it is building a ninth beverage can plant in China, and expects to commission its first plant in Cambodia, was named as one of a number of companies expected to fund the plant in the Xiangcheng district of Zhangzhou, on the south east coast.

Xiangcheng district leaders Hu Dongliang, Guo Yanhe, Wang Ru and Huang Yiqun, presided over by Li Zhaojun are reported by the Xiangcheng news centre to have signed an agreement to go ahead with supporting the projects. The signing was also reported by the Chinese government news website.

Sunrise Group is said to be investing RMB 1 billion (US$140m) to build the canmaking operations covering 63,000sqm on a 200-acre site.

The plant will have three two-piece canmaking lines, two three-piece canmaking lines and two can filling lines.

Sunrise Group, one of China’s fastest-growing canmakers, changed its English name from ShengXing Group in January.