More novel drinks can capacity in the US

March 1: With margins increasingly tightening in the manufacture of standard 12oz drinks cans in the US, world-leading canmaker Rexam is increasing its capacity to make special sizes for the expanding and more lucrative ‘new age’ drinks market.

Rexam is to convert four of its lines in the US to make 16oz, 24oz and the latest introduction, the sleek can, a slimmer version of the 12oz size. Capacity to make standard 12oz sizes will not be reduced, says Rexam, thanks to efficiency improvements. The conversions will be completed by the end of this year.

Rexam is already a leader in the business of making 8.4oz slim cans for drinks such as Red Bull, but newcomers to the energy drinks market such as Monster are using 16oz cans, and even twist-off lids.

“We have led the industry in special sizes in beverage cans and they now account for about 10 percent of our output in the US,” said Lars Emilson, Rexam’s chief executive. “We see strong growth in this area and the conversions will ensure that we are able to continue to meet our customers’ increasing demand for these types of can.”

Ball Corporation recently completed conversions at some of its lines for 16oz and 24oz can sizes.