Moving into colour inspection systems

A new design of Shell Gauge launched by Sencon last year at Cannex in Denver has been installed at a customer in China, with further units due for installation later this year.

It is one of a number of new products either launched or being upgraded by the Anglo-American inspection system manufacturer, says group marketing manager Andrew Hinks, who is located in the UK.

Systems being upgraded included the can body light tester that is often installed on the final unit of a necker, which has improved electronics and better illumination from the use of second-generation LED lamps that offer lower energy consumption, easier diagnostics and lower maintenance needs.

“Sencon is also developing a 360-degree vision inspection system,” says Hinks. “Decoration quality is certainly a hot topic in the industry and online inspection is a key part of the mix.” The camera sits on the decorator oven’s pin-stripper and is fed with synchronisation information from the decorator so issues can be identified relating to specific web blankets and mandrels.

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