New head of MillerCoors sets course for growth

MillerCoors’s new chief executive, Gavin Hattersley, aims to hit the ground running with an approachable management style that he hopes will help return the brewing company to growth.

In an interview with Behind the Beer, a MillerCoors blog, Hattersley talked about his top goals for the US-based brewer that is part f the Molson Coors empire.

“We have to do three things: We have to stabilise our iconic brands and restore them to the glory days of the past. We have to drive our above-premium portfolio through innovation significantly quicker than we have before. And we need to put more firepower behind our brands and build out capabilities across the enterprise,” he explained.

Hattersley did not disclose any details about how these goals would be achieved. However, he did reveal that his full plan for the future of the company would be rolled out on 30 October. 

“I can tell you this,” Hattersley said. “Part of my objective is that we need to move quickly. We need to move with pace. And I have a very clear vision of where we need to take the company, what needs to be done, and I need to get moving on it as soon as possible.”

He added: “You will see us become more decisive than we have before. If something’s not working, we’ll kill it. If something is working, we’ll put more funds behind it. We’re also going to be very deliberate about how we spend, and our choices will be obvious. 

“We will put extra money behind brands like Saint Archer Gold to take on Mich Ultra, and like Peroni, building on its second year after a very successful first. And we’ll be putting money behind places that you would not expect from us.”