Non-destructive seam analysis developments

Further developments have been made to CMC-Kuhnke’s non-destructive double-seam inspection systems.

Its SEAMscan XTS II carries out cross-sectional measurements and a 36-degree tightness scan on filled cans by using X-rays, eliminating time-consuming work such as emptying, rinsing, drying, cutting seams and tearing down seams for tightness inspection.

In 45 seconds, the system takes the measurements which are converted into a virtual seam image from which potential tightness issues can be identified.

A fully-automatic version is offered, called the AUTO-XTS which offers higher test frequency.

Enhancing the presentation of the seam data is the latest desktop VSI-9000 Video Seam Imager (pictured) which captures images of seams with its high-resolution USB camera and precision optics.

Seam saw cuts are made by placing the can in the correct size adapter and engages only when the safety switch is pressed and metal is detected. A precise cut is made, from which an accurate, digital inspection can be made in less than a second.

Countersink depth and seam thickness measurements can be saved by either using a keyboard or a foot pedal, so hands can be kept free for manoeuvring and inspecting the cans. Out of spec measurements are highlighted in red, so errors are immediately noticed. It includes an integrated multiplexer for connecting up to six additional gauges and has a better reliability and compatibility with modern hardware through USB 3.0.

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