Online training tool for gauge inspection

Gauge inspection specialist for cans and ends, Sencon, has launched an online program to assist its customers with basic operator training.

The program is said to complement and support its ‘Master Series’ range of automatic quality gauges for beverage cans. Users can register then log in to view a series of video-based courses designed to guide operators through training material in a structured way and at their own pace.

After taking the mandatory introductory courses on safety and orientation on the Process Master software that is common to all gauges, users are free to explore whichever courses are relevant to them.

Basic training on a single gauge will typically take no more than 15 minutes. Once completed, modules can be revisited and reviewed at any time. Courses do not need to be completed in one sitting, as the application will remember a user’s progress, meaning they can start where they left off the next time they log in.

Currently, the interface is available in English and Spanish. Sencon plans to overdub the video voiceovers into Spanish, with more languages to follow. Additionally, the system will soon be expanded with follow-up tests and the ability for plant supervisors to track the progress and results of staff.

More information from Sencon (UK), Stonebridge Cross Business Park, Droitwich WR9 0LW, UK. Tel: 44 1905 827800. Website: