Persevering in the industry

A commitment to reducing water and energy costs is behind the design of can washers and ovens offered by China’s Perseverance Precision Equipment (PPE), which are part of a range of canmaking equipment produced at its facility in Foshan.

PPE has identified pollutant accumulation in the water as a source of quality problems and the need to keep tanks in an overflow state with associated increased water consumption to deal with the issue.

To combat the problem, a conservation system utilises the water overflow at suitable locations and an additional settling tank reduces overflow, settling, resting and oil-water separation.

The separated oil is discharged from the overflow groove above the tank, and the middle layer of water is used for circulating spray, while the oil on the tank is washed away. This is said to reduce water consumption by between 30 and 40 percent.

Any size of can is accommodated with a single-point height adjustment mechanism, with synchronisation of the flexible piping for the high-pressure spray bars.
In the dryer, an air-box design consists of layers of hole plates and a special air knife that concentrates more hot air on the cans.

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