Pulsed-light sterilisation for infant formula cans

What is claimed to be the first ever pulsed-light sterilisation system suitable for cans of infant formula powder is to be launched this month by French specialist Claranor.

A key feature of the ‘dry’ system is that it uses air cooling, instead of closed water cooling, ensuring the heat is not released in the environment around the conveyor but eliminated outside the production room.

Microbiological tests on the system, carried out at Claranor’s facility at Avignon and at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany to ensure neutrality, will be released at this month’s Anuga Foodtec show.

The system being launched will be suitable for sterilizing 127mm-diameter 900g cans at a rate of 300 per minute.

More information from Claranor, Chemin de la Rollande, Agroparc BP 21531, 84916 Avignon Cedex 9, France. Tel: 33 4864 08460. Website: www.claranor.com