Putting canmaking knowledge at your fingertips

Bev Page’s seminal text book on canmaking has been republished in a second updated edition.

An in-depth study of the canmaking business and manufacturing processes, the larger format book – Metal Packaging: 2nd edition – draws upon Page’s wide experience in a canmaking career covering more than 40 years in the US and Europe.

Bev Page, a member of The Canmaker magazine’s editorial board, was setting up two-piece beverage can plants in the 1970s and subsequently had a hand in the production of all kinds of metal packaging. Today, he’s a consultant to the industry and lectures to packaging students.

In 266 pages the book considers a wide range of applications and design implications, from drinks and processed food cans to foil trays and bottle closures. Different manufacturing techniques employed in canmaking plants are explored in detail, along with the interaction of processes such as coating technologies, right through to quality assurance, hygiene and shipping.

The key role of cans as a sustainable means of protecting and delivering food and drinks to consumers is explained more clearly than in almost any other publication. The book also provides a positive demonstration of how manufacturing techniques, such as lightweighting and the introduction of recycled content, can improve profitability while delivering a strong environmental message that helps to promote the product.

One of Page’s many strengths is an understanding of the economics of canmaking, and this gets broad but not overbearing coverage. “I was thinking that this is something that every accountant in a canmaking company should read,” he says. But it’s also of value to anyone who wants to profit from making metal packaging.

Metal packaging professionals, from senior management to manufacturing practitioners, should have this book to hand as a permanent reference manual.

Metal Packaging: 2nd edition sells for £250 (US$387.46) plus packing and postage, is available through Sayersonline.com. It is published by PIRA International Ltd, Cleeve Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7RU, UK. Tel: 44 1372 802080.