Retrofit can oven and washer spoilage reduction system

A retrofit oven and washer spoilage reduction system called TightPACK is available from Integrated Packaging Solutions (IPS) for installation on older can washers that have damaged support rails or in which the washer pack does not run the full mat width. In these situations, many washers result in excessive spoilage due to unsupported cans at the wash stage and on all blow-offs.

TightPACK allows any manufacturer’s washer and/or internal bake oven (IBO) to maintain a tight and side supported can pack, resulting in reduced spoilage. It can be added with little alteration to existing equipment. Flexible infeed, discharge and side guide components allow for maximum adjustability. IPS uses an efficiently innovative system of mechanical structures to create the tight canpack needed for spoilage reduction.

The system can run wide or narrow pack widths. It is said to be a better long-term solution than replacing existing support rails.

It was developed to provide a rapid 30 minute adjustment for factories that ‘swing’ can sizes (diameters), with the same value guide set up. Efficiency is further improved by allowing a single operator to change the pack width.

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