Rexam's sustainability initiative with Carlsberg

Sustainable canmaking innovations in the pursuit of zero-waste in the supply chain are part of an initiative set up by brewer Carlsberg and a group of partners that include Rexam, Europe’s leading beverage can manufacturer.

Carlsberg’s group CSR initiative, called the Carlsberg Circular Community uses the Cradle-to-Cradle design framework, and sees Carlsberg working with its suppliers to encourage innovation and quality in the industry, in pursuit of zero-waste.

The Carlsberg Circular Community aims to increase the creation of sustainable innovations, create clean materials streams that are optimised for reuse and recycling and support the sharing of knowledge between companies creating resource efficient products.

John Revess, director of group sustainability at UK-based Rexam said, “As a manufacturer, Rexam has a responsibility to work in an increasingly sustainable way. By partnering with our customers and the full supply chain, we can further improve the environmental impact of our industry as a whole.”

Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen, chief executive of Denmark-based Carlsberg, added: “Carlsberg and its suppliers are taking an important step on the roadmap towards creating new benefits with packaging. This cooperation is a great example of companies planning together for the future, creating solutions to the global challenges that face us all. I encourage companies to join Carlsberg in its efforts to develop innovative packaging and rethink the concept of waste.”

Carlsberg intends to widen the community beyond founding members such as Rexam to 15 by 2016, supported by the technical expertise of EPEA which is the leading scientific authority on Cradle to Cradle.