Saputo sets sustainable packaging targets 

Canadian dairy company Saputo has revealed a new set of sustainability targets for 2025.

The targets include a commitment to reducing carbon dioxide by 20 per cent, water use by 10 per cent and energy by 10 per cent.

The targets also feature a range of goals relating to the company’s packaging. For example, Saputo plans to reduce its packaging material use by 15 per cent, use packaging that is 100 per cent reusable, recyclable or compostable and ensure that its packaging includes at least 15 per cent recycled or renewable content. 

Saputo plans to invest CDN$50 million (US$37.71m) over three years to support its sustainability ambitions. Meanwhile, the dairy company has established a governance framework to ensure accountability and ownership, with Carl Colizza, president and chief operating officer (North America), serving as its executive champion.