Sesame oil cans in China use innovative polyester-laminated steels

Food cans made from polyester-laminated steels are increasingly being used in China, the latest being tiny two-piece drawn cans for packing sesame oil, and which are one of the most recent entries for The Canmaker magazine’s Cans of the Year Awards.

The condiment is being marketed by Fujian Kangzhiwei Industry Co, which predominantly produces sports and health drinks in bottles and cans, and claims to be the market leader in Fujian.

ORG Packaging, one of the leading canmakers in China, has developed the 70g cans for the Kangzhiwei brand. The use of polyester-laminated steel for the DRD cans is said to greatly improve the corrosion resistance and product safety, while the lids feature easy-open tabs for convenience.

The cans have high-quality decoration, using computer-aided distortion printing techniques, enabling the use of flat-sheet lithography. The labels are said to appeal the cultural values of ‘hot pot enthusiasts’.

Fujian Kangzhiwei Industry was established in 2000 within the Zhangzhou Jinfeng Economic Development Zone, in Zhangzhou City.

The Cans of the Year Awards will be presented a Gala Dinner on the evening of 2 November during The Canmaker Summit, which is being held this year in Lisbon, Portugal.

Deadline for Cans of the Year entries is 2 September 2016. More information from Emma O’Malley at [email protected] or from the SPG Events website at