Shrink-sleeve labelling for small canning runs

A can shrink-sleeve labelling line suitable for five beverage can formats running at 30,000 cans per hour (cph) has recently been supplied Finpac Italiato an unnamed bottler in Asia.

Shrink-sleeve labelled cans are eco-friendly says Finpac. They can be supplied with a pre-perforation option for ease of label removal and recycling of cans. However, the primary advantage of shrink-sleeve labelling over pressure-sensitive labelled cans is the decoration possibilities, claims Finpac.

While pressure-sensitive labelled cans have a limited print area, exposing undecorated parts of the can, shrink-sleeve labels allow for full coverage, providing a larger area for graphics and branding opportunities, says the company.

Systems are available to provide shrink-sleeve labels that make use of the very latest technologies, including UV flexo, solvent flexo and digital printing, as well as the latest visual effects, ranging from glittering to metallised; from mirroring to gold and silver; and from luminescent to UV effects.

Furthermore, given the high minimum order requirements for printed cans typically one truckload of more than 150,000 cans shrink-sleeve labels make more sense for smaller canning production runs, such as those undertaken by many craft brewers.

Finpac has supplied more than 400 shrink-sleeve installations around the world, from Australia to Argentina, running from 6,000 to 72,000cph. It has close partnerships with various suppliers of turnkey beverage canning lines, which helps to shorten lead times and ensure projects are completed in as little as four to six weeks.

More information from Finpac Italia, via IV Novembre, 54, 20019, Settimo Milanese, Italy.Tel: 39 (02) 8977 5524. Website: