SLAC Precision Equipment expands in Ohio

Canmaking equipment specialist SLAC Precision Equipment Corporation is relocating and expanding its operations at Dayton, Ohio in the US.

The expansion by the subsidiary of the SLAC Group will add capability for large equipment services with overhead bridge cranes, loading docks, high ceilings and material handling to facilitate the reworking of the largest and heaviest of can industry equipment.

SLAC has also increased storage capacity for staging and warehousing fully rebuilt machines and sub-assemblies. The business is also expanding its workforce and hiring and training qualified technicians for rebuilding, assembling, installing and optimising canmaking equipment.

“We are making additional investments in full assembly in the USA to include customer machining, welding and paint booth capabilities onsite as well as providing core exchange and core rebuilding services for all the major OEM [original equipment manufacture] systems,” reported Bob McKinley, director of business development with SLAC Dayton.

“We are providing training programmes on the major equipment in the Ohio facilities. We are expanding our qualified customer service teams and provide 24-hour on-call services for North America.”

SLAC Dayton was incorporated in 2016 to supply spares and support customers in North America. As the business grew and SLAC was carrying out final assembly and inspection for its South American as well as Central and North American customers it increased its plant floor space in 2018 by a move to a 1,487sqm location.

McKinley added: “2019 and 2020 has seen – even with the Covid-19 pressures – ballooning growth in not only our new equipment but with our wellness programme. Our wellness programme supports North American can and end makers by a process of repair-refurbish-rebuild.

“Some simple repairs are carried out at the customer site while the more complex refurbishment or rebuild projects are done in our facility utilising a planned core sub assembly replacement programme. These encompass bodymaker and trimmers, washer repair and refurbishment, oven repair and refurbishment, plus neckers of all makes and vintage with die set rework and inker refurbishment utilising a daisy chain programme to all minimise downtime and in plant costs.

“To further enhance SLAC’s capabilities, we have now moved to expand from a 1,487sqm to 3,716sqm facility in Dayton, Ohio. The new facility will provide us the capability of building and servicing SLAC’s full breadth of can and end making machinery offerings.”