Spanish fish canner Thenaisie Provote enters insolvency

Spanish fish and seafood canner Thenaisie Provote has reportedly become insolvent two years after it was acquired by Scandia Food of Romania.

Thenaisie Provote has a canning facility at O Grove in the Galicia region of north west Spain employing 125 people. It has another plant at Mos, also in the Pontevedra region.

The company is believed to have an annual production capacity of about 5,500 tonnes of canned goods, of which over 15 per cent is exported to countries globally, including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Norway, US and Latin America.

Thenaisie Provote’s brands include Grandes Hoteles, Pombiñas and Fisterra, which cover a variety of canned tuna, sardines, mackerel and shellfish.

The business was originally established in 1904 by Frenchman Henry Chancerelle who decided to set up his canning factory at O Grove in Galicia. Some years later, the French families Thenaisie and Provote became involved in the business, which was renamed Thenaisie Provote SL in 1967.

Scandia Food, best known for its meat products such as liver pâté, is believed to have entered the canned fish business in 2016. It acquired Thenaisie Provote for €2.8 million (US$3.14) in 2018.

At the time, The Canmaker reported Lorenzo Blanco, president of Thenaisie Provote as saying: “The acquisition of Thenaisie Provote by Scandia Food was a common desire, especially if we take into account the synergies between the two companies, we are sure that the experience and knowledge of both teams will help to significantly increase the business.”

Andrei Ursulescu, general manager of Scandia Foods, added: “The Thenaisie Provote acquisition will help us strengthen our position on the local canned fish market and be present on other markets, as exports represent one of our group’s growth pillars.”

Following news of the insolvency, employees of the company took to the streets of O Grove to protest.