Specialised end unwrapping systems launched

To meet the needs of canners using resealable beverage ends on their products, Netherlands-based CSW has launched a specialised automatic end unwrapping machine.

Resealable ends behave differently during packaging and unpacking from standard ends. When handling sticks of Xolution’s resealable ends, the Multifeeder Resealable 8 (MF-R8) has the capability to unwrap eight sticks or rolls per minute, making a seaming speed of 90,000 cans per hour possible.

First revealed in prototype form last year, the MF-R8 combines automatic unwrapping using servo motors and a buffer between the machine and the seamer that provides independency between the two processes.

In another project, two machines each feeding dual infeed seamers running at a turret speed of 1,500cpm were ordered, which with ten per cent spare capacity required an unwrapping speed of 396,000 ends per hour. CSW’s Multifeeder Double Buffer Carousel would normally assist in this, but since the machines were being used in a region where the quality of the wrapping paper could be below CSW’s normal standard, the machines were also fitted with stripe detection to position the stick before unwrapping.

Also new from CSW is a machine that meets hygiene requirements for opening plastics wrapping for ends used on infant-formula ends. The Plastic Unwrapper PU3, therefore, has easy access for cleaning purposes. It is also capable of unwrapping the plastic foil containing steel ends in a range of diameters at up to three rolls per minute, using heat nozzles.

More information from CSW Machinery BV, Rigastraat 16, 7 418 EW Deventer, The Netherlands. Tel: 31 570 678 700. Website: www.cswbv.com