System for handling pear-shaped seams

Seaming machine specialist Talleres Ezquerra based at San Adrián in the Navarre region of northern Spain managed to overcome a ‘pear shaped’ conundrum last year, when it adapted its PE-6443 seamer to accommodate pear-shaped cans, after the biggest European meat canner challenged it to do so.

All previous units supplied were prepared to run rectangular shaped cans of Spam. However, one unit was specifically designed to run pear-shaped cans. It is difficult enough to handle rectangular cans inside the seamer at high speed, let alone the new shape, says commercial manager Oscar Sobejano.

“Pear-shaped cans rarely go straight in the conveyors, are heavy (0.5kg of meat inside) and are easily damaged in between transfers,” says Sobejano. “Speed adds further complications, as originally it was run with low-speed seamers up to 25 cans per minute. However, the meat canner needed to increase their line speeds and save production space, replacing five seamers of 25cpm with one capable of 125cpm. This is where we customised our PE-6443 to run this unusual pear-shaped can size.”

The unit was successfully installed in July 2018, and the customer is reported to be happy with its performance, simplifying the line and saving production space.

Additionally, Talleres Ezquerra has designed a complete range of rotary toppers for all of its Somme PE-2487 seamers to overcome the problem of products filled with syrup or brine becoming overfilled, resulting in no head space. The topper ensures that the lid is fed and positioned correctly on the can body.

More information from Talleres Ezquerra, Polígono Industrial, Parcela 2, 31570 San Adrián (Navarre), Spain. Tel: 34 948 670 388. Website: