New technology group formed from Klinghammer, Bertil Ohlsson, and Larsen

Three manufacturers of canmaking equipment – Klinghammer Can Technology, Bertil Ohlsson Can Technology, and Larsen Can Technology – have merged to form Klinghammer Group GmbH.

Based in Braunschweig, Germany, the independent, privately-owned company represents 275 years of experience in developing technology for making three-piece cans. The company will continue to focus on producing systems for flanging, seaming and beading; shaping and expanding; and ear welding and bailing/handle-welding.

Klinghammer Group machine design prioritises easy handling, short change-over times, and quality, says the company, as well as the integration of modern computer technology such as data management systems.

The company is also focusing on creating a lean, flexible and effective business, said sales manager Hans-Henning Kösel: “We understand that our customer’s business depends on quality and reliability and we have now combined the forces of three renowned brands in order to serve our clients even better, and to help them serve their clients better.

“We have improved our internal processes in administration, manufacturing and customer service which enables us to be more flexible and effective in cooperating with our customers. Our ongoing investment in highly-skilled technical staff will enable the continuation of know-how of the three strong brands of canmaking machinery: Klinghammer, Bertil Ohlsson and Larsen.

“Building a sustainable future as an independent machinery manufacturer is important for our general line can customers across the world, who rely on our machines which have existed in the market for many decades.”

The company sells its equipment across the world, says Kösel.

“The market has been strong during the corona pandemic,” he adds. “We have been awarded by our customers orders for machines, machine upgrades, spare parts and tooling.” The most recent projects have involved international customers from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Due to the growing environmental interest in metal packaging, and the continued demand for premium and unique packaging, the Klinghammer Group expects in particular to see more interest in can shaping machinery.