Three-dimensional laser
plate engraving

Directly-engraved elastomer printing plates from HELL Gravure Systems, based at Kiel in northern Germany, offer an alternative to photopolymer plates.

HELL’s PremiumSetter S1000 is claimed to be an exceptionally productive engraving system for metal-based dry offset printing plates. A 1290 x 1060mm raw plate can accommodate up to 14 colour separations with the capability of being imaged ready for printing in less than 90 minutes.

The PremiumSetter S1000 is equipped with a clamping bar cylinder and loading table, which is said to make handling easy and efficient.

Besides the production quality features, printing plates engraved using the PremiumSetter deliver high reproduction quality. The spot quality of the high-energy fibre laser enables the reproduction of screens finer than 250dpi. The three-dimensional shaping of the screen dots and the use of undercuts minimises the otherwise high dot gain in dry offset printing. 

Elastomer is said to be extremely durable and particularly resistant to UV-cured inks. Any thickness of elastomer printing plate can be selected, which means that all dry offset presses on the market can be catered for.

More information from HELL Gravure Systems, Philipp-Reis-Weg 5, 24148 Kiel, Germany. Tel: 49 (0)431 2377-0. Website: