Three-in-one gauge for measuring ends

A single automated gauge that rapidly measures the geometry of sanitary ends, end shells, and both food and beverage easy-open ends has been launched by Sencon.

The gauge is said to bring new levels of accuracy, repeatability and reliability to enable end makers to make improvements to process control, tooling management and product quality.

The non-contact ES8000 End System equipped with Sencon’s ‘End-Scan’ technology enables all features to be measured to sub-micron accuracy on end diameters from 113 to 307 without any operator intervention.

An unlimited number of panel beads or deboss heights can be measured with auto orientation to material grain or print features. Three drawers allow end stacks to be loaded or unloaded without stopping the gauge and the high-speed scanning system delivers batch results within minutes. The same gauge can also be used to measure beverage shells and ends as required.

Sencon’s Dr Geoff Evans explains: “The machine is future proof in that we can remotely download new end designs, specifications or measurement requirements should they change. Its optical calliper design allows ‘virtual sections’ to be taken to enable instant investigation into problems or concerns. As it combines three gauges in one it really is a powerful but cost-effective tool for any end maker.”

More information from Sencon (UK) Ltd, Pointon Way, Droitwich WR9 0LW, UK. Tel: 44 1905 827800. Website: