Three-pronged approach

A number of design changes have enabled International Thermal Systems (ITS) to reduce the footprint, speed up can-size changeover times, reduce maintenance costs and cut chemical and water consumption on its improved Trident Can Washer.

A compact riser design enables the floor space to be cut by a quarter while maintaining spray volumes. Downtime during can size changeovers is reduced with the use of height change systems that require less time to adjust hold-down conveyors, blow-off nozzles, can guide rails, the vacuum transfer conveyor and nozzle heights. The use of value engineering and a redesign of critical assemblies and the introduction of a new proprietary bed design that increases bed and belt life, mean that maintenance costs are lower, says ITS.

Water and chemical consumption is reduced through the use of coalescers, a revised water/chemical reclamation system, self-adjusting belt brushes, and a revised counterflow system.

Finally, the drying oven is also made more compact through the use of airflow technology that provides fast, uniform drying and heating with can stability.

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