Twist-off lids inspected at 1,200 per minute

A high-speed inspection system for twist-off cap exteriors launched by Italy’s Sacmi Imola has been installed at a number of customers’ plants.

The Decocap 360-3D uses five video cameras, one of which captures the top of the lid while the other four examine the side walls.

The use of Sacmi’s proprietary illumination unit and software enables a two-dimensional image to be constructed without any distortion that might result from perspective, the shape of the lid or surface reflectivity.

Twist-off lids in diameters from 38 to 110mm can be inspected at speeds of up to 1,200 items per minute, communicating data through Ethernet or can-bus connections. The Decocap 360-3D has been installed by key international customers at plants in Spain, Italy and in the US.

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