Antiperspirant aerosol can from Tubex saves weight for Unilever

Weight savings have been achieved in an impact-extruded aerosol can designed by canmaker Tubex for Unilever’s Rexona Recycled Refreshed antiperspirant, matching the eco-friendly credentials of the product.

The cans use a patented alloy containing 25 per cent post-consumer recycled aluminium.

The use of this alloy combined with a slight change of shape enables the Rexona Recycled Refreshed can to be 14 per cent lighter than its predecessor. This weight reduction was achieved through a joint development involving Unilever, Tubex and slug supplier Neuman Aluminium.  

Rather than the whole internal surface of the Tubex aerosol cans being lacquered, only 50 per cent is covered, which provides more savings. In addition, instead of using solvent-based lacquers, the cans for Unilever use a powder coating internally, so there are no VOC emissions in the process. Tubex claims to be the first canmaker to have used this powder-coating technique.

“Alloy, use of PCR, partially internal lacquered, internal powder coating and 14 per cent lighter than its predecessor – this can is sustainability at its best,” said Tubex managing director Leo Werdich.

Tubex has two production plants in Germany, as well as others in Austria, Slovakia and Russia. It has an annual production capacity of 700 million cans, 100m plastic tubes and more than one billion aluminium tubes. Earlier this year, Ball Corporation agreed to buy Tubex’s aluminium monobloc can manufacturing plant in Brazil its only one outside Europe.

A 250ml impact-extruded aluminium can produced by Tubex for Unilever’s Dove Men & Care deodorant won a silver prize in last year’s Cans of the Year Awards for the various design and fabrication changes it had undergone to reduce weight and cost. Visit Cans of the Year Awards to enter this year’s competition. The last date for receipt of entries is 31 July 2020.