Vacuum-packed quinoa launched by Napolina

Leading Italian food packer Napolina has introduced a new range of canned pulses under the Drained and Ready to Serve brand.

For the first time in the UK, canned quinoa is also being offered in the range, which is produced in a vacuum-packing process and means the food does not have to be drained after opening. Additionally in the range are canned chickpeas, red kidney beans and cannellini beans.

Although a process that was first used many years ago, vacuum canning is becoming popular again in Europe. It has been revived in Spain by canmaker Auxiliar Conservera under the OpenVac brand name and used by food processor Mensajero Alimentación for dry-packed olives.

Available in 150g cans, the products are a source of protein and low in fat.
Napolina was founded in Naples by Marino Iandiorio and after being launched in the UK in 1965 is now the leading Italian cooking brand in the market by sales.

Part of the Mitsubishi-owned UK-based Princes Group since 2001, Napolina will be promoting its 140-strong product portfolio throughout 2020 with a £2m UK advertising campaign.