Versatile water-based PVC-free sealants

Significant advances have been made in the versatility of lining compounds for lug caps, following demands for products with low-migration and reduced environmental impact.

Leading compound manufacturer Actega Artística first launched a range of water-based, PVC-free compounds for twist-off caps in 2009 to meet tighter plasticiser migration limits, which had been reduced from 300 to 60 parts per million.

Actega Artística, based at Vigo in Spain, has since worked to improve its PVC-free alternatives to traditional compounds used for lug caps. It has worked closely with lug cap manufacturers to develop a versatile and cost-effective alternative for application using PVC-like technology. These products are also suitable for regular treatment processes and work with the latest internal coatings and new substrates.

More recently, an updated version of the company’s Artiseal sealant was launched to enable water-based non-PVC compounds to be applied on standard compound lining machines.

Actega Artística says that due to its PVC-free water-based technology, Artiseal’s strong adhesion means that choosing an internal lacquer on lug caps now depends only on manufacturer or filler preferences, and includes BPA-NI lacquers and the latest types of laminates.

Additionally, the properties of the compound make it suitable for every food type, including fatty and acidic foods, as well as all types of heat processes, pasteurisation and sterilisation. The compound can also be used with organic, vegetarian and vegan-certified products.

More information from Actega Artística, Granxa, Rua F, Pol Industrial A Granxa, 36475, Pontevedra, Spain. Tel: 34 9 8623 1606.