Water and non-carbs lift US ‘refreshment’ drinks volume

March 20: The US ‘refreshment’ drinks market grew by 1.3 percent last year, reaching 30.17 billion gallons, or 1,165 million hectoliters, according to a report published by Beverage Marketing Corporation.
This was despite a accelerating decline in volumes of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) which fell to slightly less than half of the total volume.
Bottled waters, excluding flavoured and enhanced waters, provided most significant gain in volumes that compensated for the CSDs, rising by 6.9 percent to reach 334 m hl and reaching a market share of 28.9 percent.
CSDs fell by 2.6 percent to 14.7 billion gallons, or 557 m hl, and market share fell from 50.1 percent to 48.1 percent in one of the most dramatic market shifts in recent years.
Fruit beverages declined in percentage terms more than CSDs with a drop of 3.0 percent to 147.7 m hl, some 12.8 percent of the market.
By far the biggest percentage gains were in flavoured and enhanced waters which rose by 30.6 percent to 20.7 m hl, energy drinks which rose by 24.7 percent (but a decline on previous growth) to ready-to-drink tea with a rise of 15 percent to 33.1 m hl.
“One size does not fit all in today’s beverage marketplace,” said Michael Bellas, chief executive of Beverage Marketing Corporation. “Consumers now want different beverages at different times and for different reasons, whether it’s an energy boost during the work day or reinvigoration after a work out. Functional and enhanced beverages are growing considerably faster than conventional refreshment beverages – and will continue to do so moving forward.”
Biggest brand remains Coca-Cola. In its various forms (Diet Coke, Caffeine-free Coca-Cola etc) volume was 175.5 m hl, down 2.0 percent with share slipping to 15.2 percent. Pepsi’s various colas slipped more, by 4.3 percent to 109.8m hl, with share also falling to 9.5 percent.
Gains were made by Mountain Dew (Pepsi), Mountain Dew (Pepsi) and Aquafina water (Pepsi). Amongst the Coca-Cola brands in the top ten, only Dasani water made a gain.