White Claw backs UK and Ireland recycling campaign

The global hard seltzer brand White Claw is helping to fund a recycling initiative in the UK and Ireland.

Every Can Counts (ECC) works to increase awareness about recycling and boost recycling rates in the UK and Ireland. White Claw, which is the UK’s most popular brand of hard seltzer, will contribute an undisclosed sum of money to the organisation and use ECC recycling bins at White Claw events.

During White Claw’s summer promotional events in Dublin, which the company called pop-ups, ECC provided a recycling cage so members of the public could see how many cans were recycled throughout the day. 

“No can will leave the pop up, instead they will all be recycled,” White Claw said.

Hard seltzer has proved a popular and growing category in the UK, despite the infancy of the segment. It’s appealed to drinkers seeking a “healthy” ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage. Carbonated hard seltzers are frequently low calorie and low sugar.

“Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environment and their impact on it, but there’s definitely more we can do with White Claw and the wider industry to drive positive change in the years to come,” said ECC programme manager Róisín O’Brien. 

Market researcher Nielsen forecasts that the UK’s hard seltzer category will grow to approximately £600 million (US$818m) by 2025.

Mark Anthony Brands launched White Claw Hard Seltzer in the US in 2016 and in the UK and Ireland four years later. Today it is the best-selling hard seltzer in both markets.

In June, ECC, whose mission is to ensure that every can is recycled, ran a campaign to highlight can recycling and promote World Environment Day across 15 European countries.